EPIC Press Brakes

EPIC press brakes are accurate and efficient machines that are sturdy, affordable and easy to operate with positioning repeatability within 0.1mm.

EPIC press brakes feature precision dual-drive units powered by a single DC motor to eliminate crabbing.

Standard features:

  • Stroke 250mm
  • EPIC 10-station 2-axis controller
  • Overload protection on hydraulics and electrics
  • Unique adjustable mechanical dead stop for high accuracy repeatability
  • Multi vee die block
  • Top knife die
  • Single point top tool
  • 300mm throat
  • Grease nipples located in one area of machine
  • Low voltage electrics
  • European hydraulics


EPIC programmable back gauges are an optional feature. The back gauges work in conjunction with the 10-station depth control to provide an easy-to-operate 2-axis press brake.

Ball screws provide a rolling linear motion, combined with a low-friction Kevlar-belt drive for quiet, fast operation and a long trouble-free life.

An electronic controller is available with a single-axis or 2-axis machine with back gauge fitted. The controller is extremely simple to program and enables up to 99 different bend angles to be produced in a single set up, saving a lot of double handling.

  • Battery backup for programs
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Designed for use by unskilled operators – no special training required

Optional features

  • Larger throat
  • Cybelec or Delem controller
  • Single vee bottom die and top tool
  • Gooseneck top tool
  • Hydraulic crowning of bed
  • Tooling manufactured to your requirements

Machine Lengths, Capacities [Model No]

  • 2500-3100mm x 50-150 tonne [Model No 2500MPB50, 2500MPB60, 2500MPB80, 2500MPB100, 2500MPB120, 2500MPB150]
  • 3100-3710mm x 60-150 tonne [Model No 3100MPB60, 3100MPB80, 3100MPB100, 3100MPB120, 3100MPB150]
  • 3710-4050mm x 60-150 tonne [Model No 3710MPB60, 3710MPB80, 3710MPB100, 3710MPB120, 3710MPB150]