EPIC Hydraulic Over Driven Individual Clamp Guillotine

EPIC’s unique hydraulic guillotine design ensures an accurate cut every time. Travel stops down at both ends simultaneously, eliminating any twisting and damage to the machine.

EPIC guillotines’ top cutting beam is guided by fully machined heavy-duty slides that are completely adjustable. Brass lining supports long life and an excellent cut.

The clever design eliminates machine twist if material heavier than the guillotine’s capacity is used. EPIC’s complete guillotine range will not twist if loaded with heavier than the specified material.

This is not a swing beam guillotine. With no twisting force applied to the frame, it is possible to change from heavy to light material when cutting.

Capacity: 3.0mm – 8.0mm mild steel


Standard features:

  • Adjustable table support bars with inserted ball transfers
  • Australian-made and designed electrics
  • Electrics are 24 volt DC – foot pedals, sensors and limit switches)
  • Individual clamping cylinders (Pressure is automatically adjusted in accordance with the shearing force)
  • The head is guided by extra long slides which are machined and set to provide support throughout the complete cutting stroke
  • 1000mm squaring bar with rule
  • Front sheet support
  • Shadow line lighting
  • Infrared rear guarding
  • Rear chute for offcuts
  • Heavy-duty proven design
  • High quality D2 Australian-made shearing blades
  • Spare parts readily available Australian wide

Optional Features

  • Electronically controlled ball screw back gauge
  • Pneumatic sheet support
  • Electronically controlled front gauge
  • Padded clamping system for delicate material (Nolathane or Kevlar belt padding depending on the machine clamping style)
  • Flat plates to attach to original table support bars
  • Flat machined table – ideal for stainless steel
  • Extra large throat – useful for large production work (rollers can also be added)
  • Extended or extra squaring bar
  • Guarding to suit specific requirements (eg for TAFE colleges, education and government departments)
  • Hydraulic valve-operated unclamp system (Useful option for TAFE colleges, education and government departments)

Machine Lengths, Capacities [Model No]

  • 1250mm x 4mm, 6.5mm, 8mm – [Model No. 1250ODIG4, 1250ODIG6.5, 1250ODIG8]
  • 1860mm x 4mm, 6.5mm, 8mm – [Model No. 1860ODIG4, 1860ODIG6.5, 1860ODIG8]
  • 2500mm x 4mm, 6.5mm, 8mm – [Model No. 2500ODIG4, 2500ODIG6.5, 250oODIG8]
  • 3070mm x 4mm, 6.5mm, 8mm – [Model No. 3070ODIG4, 3070ODIG6.5, 3070ODIG8]
  • 3675mm x 3mm, 5mm, 7mm – [Model No. 3675ODIG3, 3675ODIG5, 3675ODIG7]
  • 4020mm x 3mm, 5mm, 7mm – [Model No. 4020ODIG3, 4020ODIG5, 4020ODIG7]