EPIC Semi-Hydraulic Pan Brake

EPIC Semi-Hydraulic Pan Brakes combine manual clamping with hydraulic folding. Constructed with segmented clamping fingers made from flame-hardened high-carbon steel for long life. With adjustable head and apron for working with different gauges.

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Standard features:

  • 4kW motor
  • Electronic 3-station angle control
  • Hydraulic bending
  • Manual clamping
  • High-tensile steel apron blade
  • Removable angle support on apron
  • Head and apron adjustable for different gauges
  • Manually adjustable clamp-type back gauge
  • All bearings and wear points come with grease fittings for lubrication
  • Low voltage electrics – 24 volt to foot switch with overload protect
  • High-carbon steel flame-hardened segment clamping fingers – variety of widths

Optional Features

  • Machine paint colours
  • TDF clearance slots
  • One-piece clamp blade – suitable for stainless steel applications
  • Hydraulic hand-activated valve – replaces the need for electrics
  • EPIC electronic ball screw back gauge with 1000mm travel
  • Extra safety options – suitable for government departments

Other options available on request.

Machine Lengths, Capacities [Model No]

  • 1250mm x 2.0mm mild steel capacity [Model No 1250SHPB2]
  • 1860mm x 2.0mm mild steel capacity [Model No 1860SHPB2]
  • 2500mm x 2.0mm mild steel capacity [Model No 2500SHPB2]
  • 3070mm x 2.0mm mild steel capacity [Model No 3070SHPB2]
  • 3710mm x 1.6mm mild steel capacity [Model No 3710SHPB1.6]
  • 4020mm x 1.6mm mild steel capacity [Model No 4020SHPB1.6]