Servicing and Repairing Your EPIC Machine

At EPIC we encourage machine owners to sign up to a service contract. In our experience regular servicing reduces the need for emergency callouts and costly expenditure on damaged components. Problems can be diagnosed and adjustments made before they lead to major failures and significant downtime.

Regular Service Contracts

An experienced EPIC technician will visit your premises to undertake a regular service. This thorough on-site maintenance will include:

  • Checking hydraulic lines and couplings
  • Checking the mechanical functioning of all moving parts
  • Adjusting sliders etc
  • Checking levels
  • Replacing or regrinding blades
  • Greasing and lubricating moving parts

Repairing your EPIC Machine: Emergency Callouts

While EPIC stands by our products, as with all machines things can go wrong. We can organise emergency service calls – the timeframe will depend on your location. We are aware that machine downtime is costly and we will attempt to quickly rectify any problems.